Portugal flag

The grand flag of Portugal!

In a time of great war against England and Spain; Portugal was in need of a new king. In an time of struggle, and a dark that never saw light, Jeffrey Blasthawk came to meet a great man, a man whos name who would be known well, this man was, Davy Badbones.

Davy Badbones was new to the Paradox. He was searching around the guild, getting known to everyone as a great warrior. Jeffrey Blasthawk spotted Davy as a good warrior. Jeffrey Blasthawk then invited Davy Badbones to join in the epic battle that would change the world. When the meeting was over, Jeffrey came over to Davy and said," I want to give you the crown Davy, but King Carlos has to agree with this plan of action." Davy seemed interested in the idea of the crown for his own. Davy then saw something, a reflection of light; he looked over to the east and saw an enemy musketeer, aiming at Jeffrey. Davy rushed to Jeffrey and tackled him out of the way, saving his life. Davy then took out his pistol and quickly took down the enemy.

A few days after the murder attempt, Carlos's Overseer, Hector came to Davy. " Davy Badbones " he abruptly stated in a deep voice. " Yes? ", Davy questioned. " I, Hector Wildhayes, of Spain have the proud duty of telling you that his majesty the king has granted me permission to allow you to rule Portugal under his supervision! Congratulations! " " Thank you! ", Davy insisted. " Of Course, and best of luck to you! New King! " Hector said.

Davy Badbones has currently been king for two weeks, and is an officer in The Paradox guild, under the command of Sir Carlos Clemente. He has been doing a fine job, and we pray this great golden age will continue for years to come. Long Live the King!

Note: Portugal is part of the Spanish Alliance, and is allies with Spain.